First Impression: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Manga – Volume 1)

  Publisher: Seven Seas Story and Art By: Nami Sano Sakamoto is a true legend among men. Cool, stylish, and perfect at just about everything, Sakamoto is someone everyone should look up to. Too bad everyone else in this volume are completely one-dimensional and forgettable though, because other than a few gags Sakamoto was the only […]

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Attack of the Friday Monsters

Even though I have pretty much mostly been doing manga first impressions as of right now (and probably the near future as well, I have a lot of manga I want to talk about), I still want this blog to be dedicated to everything in the otaku lifestyle, and what nerdy blog like this would be […]

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Review: Sword Art Online (Anime)

If you enjoy your video games as much as I do, you someday hope to experience a time when full virtual reality technology exists, and instead of just playing video games, you get to live in them. In Sword Art Online, this technology exists thanks to the amazing “nerve gear” gaming system, which puts the […]

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