Album Spotlight: Super Beaver – [愛する]

It’s been a while since I last talked about some Japanese music, so this blog post has been due for quite some time now. This past year has provided some great albums from many of my favorite Japanese bands and I have only talked about a single album so far. Today’s album is probably one of my favorite albums of 2015 so I hope I can convince some of you to go check it out.

*PS: Sorry for all the Kanji used in the song titles when talking about them. I actually don’t know how to read most of it, so I had to keep it as is. Sorry about that :/

150401 SUPER BEAVER - Ai suru_zpsdcxtyw7h.jpg


Album – [愛する] (Aisuru)

Release Date – April 1, 2015

If you have never heard of the band Super Beaver before, I can’t say I blame you. In the anime world, they have only shown up a few times. The band performed an ending for Naruto Shippuden titled “Shinkokyuu” [深呼吸] as well as the opening to Barakamon, a show from the summer 2014 season. (A great show may I add, but that’s a discussion for another time)

Just because these guys aren’t well known (from what I have seen online at least) does not mean that they are not popular. In fact their youtube channel has over 20,000 subscribers, and a few of their videos reach into the millions of views. They have some seriously good music showcased on their channel, and this album features some of their biggest hits.

My absolute favorite track on this album has to be Rashisa [らしさ], which was the song used as the opening to Barakamon. When I was watching episode 1 of Barakamon in the summer of 2014, I was delighted when I heard the opening theme. It fit so well with the animation and style of the show, and the beat was super catchy. They sounded familiar at the time, but I didn’t really know who they were at the time. (Turns out I had one of their other songs on my music playlist on my Tumblr page, which is why they sounded familiar)

This opening lead me to looking into the band a little more to see if there was anything else I liked by them. Boy was I in for a treat. I basically fell in love with their songs instantly, and went to itunes to see if I could get an album or two to listen to. I subscribed to their channel and was a fan ever since.

On February 21 of 2015 the above trailer dropped for their new album. The music video for Rashisa was already out for some time now (and the full version was amazing), so I was more than ready to jam out to some new tracks from one of my new favorite bands. The album finally dropped on April 1 and I was able to enjoy the album to its fullest.

It starts off strong with a short track titled [誰か] which leads directly into Rashisa [らしさ]. I have already talked about how much I love Rashisa, so I shouldn’t have to explain why I love the beginning of the album so much. To make things even better, the third track [証明] is probably my second favorite track on the album. It is super upbeat and catchy, making it a fun song to listen to.

The rest of the album continues to bring the high energy and impact that the first songs have, with only a couple songs really sounding a lot different from what you would expect from Super Beaver. The first being Watashi [わたし], which slows down the beat from what the beginning of the album had going on. It is followed by Q&A which features SCANDAL’s Mami. Again this track slows down the beat compared to the rest of the album, but it is no less enjoyable to listen to with its mellow melody. After Q&A, the great songs keep rolling, with Aisuru [ 愛する] dropping in at the end of the album before it closes with ILP. Aisuru is another song I just love to listen to as I sit in my room, and one of the better songs on the album along with Rashisa and [証明].

So that is it for me nerding out to Japanese music today, hope you enjoyed at least one of the songs I talked about in this blog. If you are interested in any of the songs, I strongly suggest checking out their youtube channel and perhaps picking up one of their albums. SUPER BEAVER has been one of my favorite Japanese bands for a few years now, and they continue to put out awesome music year after year. I hope that you guys are able to enjoy them as much as I do.