Tokyo Ghoul’s Amazing Use of Symbolism and Short Stories

If there is one thing I look for in a good manga, it’s a good story. A series can feature some of the best art I have ever seen on a manga page and still fail to captivate me if the story itself fails to deliver. I will still appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into an incredibly detailed image, but I won’t be thinking about it as much as some of my favorite manga series. One such series that I often think of is Tokyo Ghoul, because it tells an interesting story of characters living in a strange world that just isn’t fair. It isn’t just the overarching plot of the series that has lead me to thinking about it in my spare time though. What really interests me with this series is the authors use of symbolism and foreshadowing throughout the story, that help bring deeper meanings to single images and scenes.

SPOILER WARNING: I will be discussing heavy spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul (the original manga series). There will be no discussion of Tokyo Ghoul: RE in this post though, so if you have not read it you can read on freely without fears of being spoiled.

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