Review: Uzumaki (Manga)

Since it is October, the month of spooky ghosts and monsters, I thought it would be fun to write a blog on something frightening! Uzumaki might not make you scream or jump out of your seat, but it will certainly make you uncomfortable with its insanely detailed art. Hope you guys enjoy me talking about it! […]

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Review: Deadman Wonderland (Manga)

Story By: Jinsei Kataoka Art By: Kazuma Kondou Published By: Viz Media In a world where a private prison is allowed to do what it wants with the lives of its inmates, it isn’t too hard too believe that a place like Deadman Wonderland exists. In it, inmates work as entertainers to please onlooking crowds who don’t know […]

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Review: Claymore (Manga)

Published By: Viz Media Story and Art By: Norihiro Yagi Everyone has those few series which they feel like have been with them forever. Some gamers may relate to the Super Mario series or Legend of Zelda in this way, and anime fans can probably relate to this with shows like One Piece or Naruto […]

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First Impression: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (Manga – Volume 1)

  Publisher: Seven Seas Story and Art By: Nami Sano Sakamoto is a true legend among men. Cool, stylish, and perfect at just about everything, Sakamoto is someone everyone should look up to. Too bad everyone else in this volume are completely one-dimensional and forgettable though, because other than a few gags Sakamoto was the only […]

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