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March Comes In Like A Lion: I Am My Biggest Hurdle

March Comes In Like a Lion was my favorite show from 2016 for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons I enjoyed the series so much was because of its characters. They were full of life and emotion, constantly changing moods and outlooks as the story progressed. The show did a great job of creating real emotion in its characters, no matter if they were happy or depressed. It made the characters relateable and made me sympathetic to their hardships as well as happy when they were having a good time.

Of all the characters, Rei was by far the most relateable to me. Some of his struggles and experiences are things that I had gone through at some point in my life. As an athlete in middle and high school I too came across many tough opponents who were better trained and more skilled, but by far the most challenging opponent I had ever come across was myself.

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